The Golden Donut
Ariel M.
11,020 characters

Escape the Rooms
Joseph Wong
11,018 characters

LJs Awesome Adventure
Adam Dewji
10,980 characters

The progressive xorn
Erskine Wells
10,951 characters

Not Alone
Que Le
10,930 characters

Warrant (WIP, updated 3/18)
Jonathan Madden
10,922 characters

Power Generator
Joey Jones
10,866 characters

Life After Testing: A Portal Interactive Fan Fiction
Cooper McHatton
10,791 characters

Goddammit, Cthulhu
Casey Coolidge
10,744 characters

mid 2
jorden schuddeboom
10,656 characters

Alisa Aydin
10,636 characters

UN 1015 Lost Soul First Draft
Mark Sylvester
10,598 characters

Dragon Quest
William Fewox
10,549 characters

Philip James
10,547 characters

Gravitational Quandary
Trent Daenzer
10,536 characters

The House
10,474 characters

The journey of a life time
Full Name
10,429 characters

Win at College or Die Trying!
John Shields
10,426 characters

One Final Surprise
Susan Bonner
10,424 characters

Carriage Morris
10,411 characters

The Cage Demo
Samantha Rolon
10,392 characters