Joe Obermaier
23,599 characters

Whitton Avenue
23,574 characters

Play Fic
23,504 characters

Mrs. Crabtree's Geography Class
Andrew Schultz
23,137 characters

The Master
22,963 characters

Stephen Scheuermann
22,726 characters

Katherine Parrish
22,698 characters

End of Days
Connie Lee
22,690 characters

Stranger in These Parts - v.0.1.
Shawn Graham
22,573 characters

Stranger In These Parts - v.0.2
Shawn Graham
22,573 characters

The Haunted Mansion? (a work in progress)
Finn Miller
22,210 characters

Hells Island
Ethan Farrell
21,927 characters

Hell's island
Ethan Farrell
21,925 characters

Everybody IF!
Geoff Moore
21,811 characters

A Modest Proposal
Tully Hansen
21,759 characters

The Wizard's Potion
Cathy Zhang
21,548 characters

Moon River (Final)
Emily Pilat
21,049 characters

Save The Last Dance
20,642 characters

The Magic Circle
Patrick Crosmun
20,246 characters

My Japanese Myth
Koryn de Vries
20,183 characters

Module 4; Computing
Joe Obermaier
20,115 characters