2,614 plays

Cloak of Darkness
Iain Merrick
2,595 plays

BioShock, The Text-Based Game.
Matthew Gwozd
2,585 plays

The Tearoom
Tamsyn Michael
2,583 plays

Mini Inform (Beta)
2,574 plays

Apocalypse Now: Chapter 1
Kristjen Kjems
2,570 plays

The creepy cave
Hamad Alanazi
2,561 plays

Secrets of the Vampires
Ryan Veeder
2,559 plays

2,553 plays

Train of Thought
William Hart Ph.D.
2,551 plays

4 swords
Maximo Aguilar
2,548 plays

Recipe 25: Down Below
The Inform Recipe Book
2,538 plays

Everybody IF!
Geoff Moore
2,532 plays

land of poop
2,531 plays

The Inescapable Forest
Sean Malone
2,521 plays

Recipe 20: Escape
The Inform Recipe Book
2,516 plays

Grandma's house
B Pearlstein
2,497 plays

Gummy bear in prision
Maximo Aguilar
2,473 plays

The Frustrating Game
John Marstall
2,464 plays

The Sun Went Dark v0.1
Storm Rasoar
2,455 plays